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Review – L Pierre: 1948 (Melodic)

L Pierre: 1948 (Melodic, 2017)

Pay attention, conceptualists: this record is aimed at you. For those unfamiliar with L Pierre, it is one of the banners under which Aidan Moffat, the Robert Burns of Generation X, releases music. (The “L” stands for Lucky; if you have a browser window open please be aware any image search results for Moffat’s original sobriquet will be NSFW.)

The concept is this: for his fifth and final L Pierre long-player, Moffat has visited YouTube and sampled a rip of the world’s first 12-inch 33rpm vinyl album, a 1948 recording of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor by American virtuoso Nathan Milstein. There are no digital versions of the album, no track list and, most disarmingly, no sleeve.

As a comment on nostalgia, technology and the imperishability of vinyl, 1948 is a measurably more succinct if less rewarding offering than such books as, say, Retromania by Simon Reynolds. As for the music within the grooves, Moffat says it best himself in the accompanying notes. “I think,” he writes, “it sounds quite lovely.”

And it does, equalling its intellectual heft with a dream-like aesthetic that, while faithful to its source, reanimates the tenderness and vivacity of Mendelssohn’s1844 composition for a thoroughly different epoch.

Reproduced with permission of Herald & Times Group.